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Embers of Caerus

Forsaken Studios, based in Texas, USA is currently developing a next-generation sandbox MMORPG for release on PC. The game will allow the player to become part of a massive storyline that spans more than a thousand years, as they forge their own destiny in the still-smouldering embers of a world recently torn apart by a magical apocalypse. Players will be pitted against natural, magical, and demonic creatures, forces of nature, and wrathful gods.

The game aims is to address the frustrations of online gamers and exceed all expectations in delivering a new revolutionary standard in MMO gaming. Immersive it will be, with breathtaking environments to explore from far off lands to dungeons you will be afraid to enter!

Miles was involved with the game as both composer and Audio Lead, responsible for creating the games soundtrack and coordinating the work of the audio team. Below is a sample of Miles' work for a part of the game that is currently being developed.

As part of his work on the games soundtrack, Miles recently collaborated with worldwide singing sensation Malukah on the creation of the song Sisters of Salvation.