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Recent Film Projects:

Project Name
The Crossing (2016) - IMDb  

The Crossing is a film directed by Jack King, produced by Garry Paton and Finite Productions , starring Cavan Clerkin (The Last Kingdom, Babylon), Jemma Thompson (Cutting It, Scott & Bailey) and Rachel Watson (Moving On). Set on the island of Anglesey, the film explores one man's psychological battle with infertility. The score is a combination of ambient electronics and string quartet. Hear the full score on Soundcloud here:

The Reverie

The Reverie (2015) - IMDb

The Reverie is a post-apocalyptic fairytale, directed by Sam Wildman, that follows the journey of Amy, a lone survivor ( Joanne Gale ) through the wilderness after an unnamed catastrophe. After finding a radio broadcasting a mysterious signal, Amy is compelled to track down the source of the sound.
The score is a mix of live piano and subtle electronic ambience. Because of the interlinked relationship between sound and music in the film, the score was created by working closely alongside the films sound designer Lucy Johnstone


Magarwasi (2014) - IMDb

A multi award-winning short animation by Varun Nair and a team from DSK Supinfocom, India. The film follows the story of Inspector L obo and his chance encounter with the malicious Magarwasi tribe. The film has won numerous international awards, includ ing 'Best Sound and Music' at BSFF, Michigan, USA.
The score is an orchestral soundtrack, full of action and adventure, mystery and intrigue.


Bardo (2013) - IMDb

A dark psychological drama directed by Abid Khan, produced by EyeFive Films, starring Julian Miller, Ewen MacIntosh (The Office, Life's Too Short) and Laura Wolfe.
Bardo explores themes of dream states, the afterlife and the consequences of waking life. The narrative follows Patrick through a series of sinister events that push him towards self-discovery and the truth behind a heinous crime that he may or may not have committed. The score is an emotive, yet unsettling mix of ambient electronic elements and dark, low woodwind textures.


The Runner (2017) - IMDb

The Runner, is an emotive and inspiring short film by British Asian actress/writer/director Sunnie Sidhu. The story is centred on Aylam, a Syrian refugee boy who has just arrived alone in London. He has a chance encounter with Nikki, an athlete training for the Olympics living in Hackney. The score uses a diverse mix of orchestral and middle-eastern instrumentation. 

Project Name

Lula (2016) - IMDb

A historical drama directed by Aoife O'Kelly, set in 1944 in Nazi occupied Poland and based on a true story. Set in 1944, as the Gestapo close in on a Polish resistance officer in hiding, his young pregnant wife, Lula is faced with the difficult choice between protecting her husband or their unborn child. Since its release, the film has received much critical acclaim, including numerous awards at international film festivals.

Project Name

Afro-Woman: 2016 CE (2016) - IMDb

Directed by Shatara Michelle Ford and starring Zelda Harris (Crooklyn, He Got Game). Shot on location in a California desert, the film is a dark, strange psychological trip following a woman fighting two different versions of herself.


Other Film Credits include:


Directed by Jamie Weston and Proportion Productions (released by ITN/Sony Home Entertainment)
A horror film starring Klariza Clayton, Kate Greer, Scott Chambers, Julia Eringer, Becca Hirani, Therica Wilson-Read and Alex Sawyer.

A short film co-directed by Varun Kanish and Tom Wooton (Frankenweenie). Starring Victoria Latham Kelly and Robert Lonergan. Cinematography by Jamie Kennerley (Fantastic Mr Fox, Frankenweenie)

A short film about a vigilante photographer who vows to rid his city of its criminals. Directed by Liam Treacey. 2013.

Directed by Lewis Jordan

Directed by Jason Smith, viola performed by Alex Grimes.

Directed by Dudley Rees. Produced by Forgemasters Films, 2013

Selected score excerpts from Trapped in a Box - a feature documentary by Martina Lopez, following the story of three people who overcame agoraphobia.

Music Department Assistant - IFTA nominated documentary, directed by Ian Palmer

Knuckle (2011)


Project Name


Miles' music has been broadcast on television channels across the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia. Credits include Celebrity Masterchef (Shine TV/BBC), Killers Behind Bars (Popkorn TV/Channel 5), My Kitchen Rules: Australia (7 Network), Winter Road Rescue (Special Edition Films), Benidorm ER (Blakeway North) and The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door (Flame TV).


Project Name


British Mountain Rescue - Advertising campaign (2015):

In 2015 Miles was commissioned to compose the music for a large-scale advertising campaign for British Mountain Rescue, featuring the voice of Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch). The film has picked up numerous awards, screened at many IMAX theatres and was shown at the British Premiere of Everest (Jake Gyllenhall, Josh Brolin).


Game Scores:

Embers of Caerus

Forsaken Studios , based in Texas, USA is currently developing Embers of Caerus , a next-generation sandbox MMORPG for release on PC. This epic game will allow the player to become part of a massive storyline that spans more than a thousand years, as they forge their own destiny in the still-smouldering embers of a world recently torn apart by a magical apocalypse.
Miles was involved with the game as both composer and Audio Lead, responsible for creating the games soundtrack and coordinating the work of the audio team.

Below is a sample of Miles' work that has been created for the game so far.

Read more information relating to this project and see some game footage and a song on the dedicated page here !
Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

Electronic Arts / Slightly Mad Studios Music Department Assistant

Live Projects:

One of Miles' most interesting recent projects was  Breakbeat Concerto : a concerto for beatboxer, turntablist and orchestra. The composition was premiered to a full house at The Picturedrome, Northampton on 26th January 2012.

In writing the piece Miles collaborated extensively with twice UK Beatbox Champion Reeps One and twice UK DMC turntablist JFB, creating unique and innovative musical experience.

The piece then received an international premiere in 2014 when it was performed by in Yerevan, Armenia by 4x World DMC Champion DJ Mr Switch, beatboxer Bagrat Terteryan and The State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, conducted by Sergey Smbatyan. The work formed the opening of the 2nd Aram Khachaturian International Festival and was performed in the Yerevan Opera Theatre.

Breakbeat Concerto - Live in Armenia - Mvt 1 from Miles Hancock on Vimeo.